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75,000,000 sharks are killed each year


That is over 200,000 each day


Or over 140 every minute



Shark finning – slicing the fins off a shark, often while it is still alive then dumping its body at sea because it has no value. These sharks then sink to the ocean floor, suffocate and bleed to death. This is happening every minute of the day. This is mainly due to a demand for shark fin soup which is considered a delicacy…

Airlines play a role in carrying shark fins by air cargo. Eliminating this method of transport in the fin trade is an important step in shark conservation. In air cargo, it is difficult to know whether fins have been harvested illegally through the barbaric act of finning OR legally by complying with fins naturally attached regulations. It is also not possible to test each cargo shipment to assess whether the fins belong to endangered or protected species. 

Many airlines still accept shark fin shipments yet many received COVID-19 bailouts from taxpayers totalling $123bn; sharks get no bailout.

As such, airlines are profiting from an industry that mutilates millions of sharks annually, threatening marine ecosystems and people’s livelihoods.  Now we are calling on airlines to extend a lifeline to sharks by banning the carriage of shark fins as cargo.

Already several airlines have confirmed their blanket ban on the carriage of shark fins – but we need the list to go green.


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What you can do to help?
Shame Tweet or Thank Tweet (max 5 tweets a day)

  • You must be logged into Twitter – then click the TWEET button by the airlines you want to call out.

  • ✅  Airlines that have declared they don’t carry sharks or fins receive a thank you Tweet

  • Airlines that still have not declared a policy banning carriage of sharks or fins receive a shame tweet asking them to refuse to carry fins. 

  • We want to see all airlines with ✅. When an airline publicly declares a no-shark fin policy they will be moved from ❌ to ✅.  Airlines can Contact FlyWithoutFins with proof of commitment.

  • Tweet every few days to keep the pressure up and the message clear


❌ SHAME TWEET (For this to be effective, please tweet regularly – not just once)
Airlines and sharks can’t Sharks are vital for oceans but killed for shark fin soup. Many airlines still fly fins but got $123bn COVID-19 bailouts; sharks got none. Please STOP carrying shark fins. #IATA

Bravo and thank you for banning the carriage of shark fins on your airline. Why can’t all airlines do the same? #IATA 

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