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Why shark fins?

Shark finning refers to the act of slicing the fins off a shark, often while it is still alive then dumping its body at sea because it has no value. These sharks then sink to the ocean floor, suffocate and bleed to death. This is happening every minute of the day. Learn more about shark finning and the industry here

Why airlines?

Banning the transport of shark fins in air cargo is an important step in shark conservation. Once shark fins are separated from their carcass, it becomes incredibly difficult to identify the species without lengthy and often expensive DNA testing. It is logistically impossible to inspect each cargo shipment to confirm whether each fin belongs to endangered, protected or CITES listed species, for which trade and transport are prohibited.

As such, airlines are may be profiting from, facilitating and perpetuating a highly destructive and often illegal industry that butchers millions of sharks annually. This fuels the increasing loss of marine biodiversity and threatens the very survival of our ocean. Declaring a simple blanket ban on shark fin transport is a powerful and elegant solution.

So… we’ve made it super simple for you to help remove this cog in the shark fin trade machine.


What you can do to help? Send either a ‘Call for Change’ or ‘Thank You!’ tweet.

  • Once you’re logged into Twitter, click the TWEET button by the airlines you want to call to.

  • ✅  Airlines that have declared they don’t carry sharks fins receive a ‘thank you and bravo’ tweet.

  • Airlines that have not declared a policy banning the carriage of shark fins receive a ‘call for change’ tweet, asking them to implement a ban and stop facilitating and perpetuating the barbaric shark fin trade. 

  • How often to tweet? No more than five times a day as Twitter thinks you’re a spam bot! Tweeting every few days to keep the pressure on and the message clear is perfect.

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