‘Fly Without Fins’ is a shark protection campaign set up by a coalition of international marine conservation organisations to encourage airlines and shipping lines to help international efforts to prevent the cruel practice of shark finning, as well as to combat the unsustainable trade in shark fins and other parts of cartilaginous fishes.

The ‘Fly Without Fins’ coalition members includes Shark Guardian, Sciaena, Sea Shepherd, Sharkproject, MarViva, Gallifrey Foundation, Oceanic Preservation Society, Shark Allies and Sharks Education Institute.

By signing the “Fly Without Fins” commitment, SATA group airlines (SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines) have taken proactive and voluntary sustainability measures against animal cruelty. This means prohibiting the carriage of all shark fins and other parts of any cartilaginous fish as cargo freight.

Although this issue does not directly affect the Azorean Archipelago (SATA Azores Airlines’ main destination), which is recognized for its sustainable fishing activities and as one of the most sustainable tourism destinations in Europe, and despite the airlines have never been confronted with this matter until date, SATA Azores Airlines agrees that banning shark fin transportation from all its destinations will contribute to reinforcing this global message and the efforts led by conservation organizations, such as Shark Guardian.

SATA Azores Airlines pledges not to transport shark fins (or parts of cartilaginous fish) as cargo freight. The official announcement has been made here.

Download the full press release here